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Lord Tennyson’s home restored to former glory

Farringford, Lord Tennyson’s one-time home, opened its doors to visitors in August, showing off both its traditional virtues and modern tweaks.

The building is now owned by Rebecca Fitzgerald, who has invested herself into transforming the home over the last 10 years. It now exists as a tribute to Tennyson, with elements of its makeover going all the way back to around 1860. It possesses modern amenities too though, such as underfloor heating.

Matthew Sale, who also lives on the island, worked on the planning side of the project with Fitzgerald. He said:

“Every floorboard has come up and been numbered, then underfloor heating installed. Some of the windows are 95% original timber and glass, but others could be as much 70% replacement.”

Fitzgerald added:

“It feels polished and finished. But it’s still got its feel.”

Farringford accepted group bookings for tours last month. While the house may appear to be large, the tour showed off only around 11 rooms. The home is of average size for a family, as was the plan when Tennyson and his family resided here.

While still in the early stages of development, Fitzgerald has big plans for Farringford. She intends to run educational workshops, events and exhibitions from October until Easter. The house will remain open to the public for the remainder of the year.

The home makes an impressive tribute to Tennyson, even maintaining his library books, but the pair behind the project have chosen to keep the cost of their investment a secret for now.

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