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Posted on: 17th October 2018 | Comments: 0

One of UK’s biggest Roman villas found to have underfloor heating

Cambridge University’s archaeological team recently uncovered a huge building in its entirety, including the surprisingly modern way it was heated. The team...

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Posted on: 3rd October 2018 | Comments: 0

Commuters set to enjoy new trains with underfloor heating

Greater Anglia has announced that its new high-spec trains will start to be used from the winter of 2019, including a certain perk that will be warmly welcomed...

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Posted on: 17th September 2018 | Comments: 0

Animal hotel with underfloor heating nominated for three awards

A pet hotel in North Wales is celebrating three nominations for prestigious business awards. The Pet Joint, which...

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Posted on: 3rd September 2018 | Comments: 0

Cornish grower to save £12,000 using heat recovery and underfloor heating technology

A heat recovery system is expected to considerably reduce a Cornish farmer’s carbon footprint, as well as save the business money. DK Heat Recovery,...

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Posted on: 1st August 2018 | Comments: 0

UK’s newest ‘champing’ venue offers underfloor heating

Camping in UK churches, known as ‘champing’, just got more comfortable, with the latest venue including underfloor heating as part of the deal. St Michael...

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Posted on: 17th July 2018 | Comments: 0

Regent’s Park open-air theater gets an extension and underfloor heating

Adding 480 sqm of space to the iconic Regent’s Park outdoor theater in London has bought it up to date and will help to secure its future. Building the extension...

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Posted on: 3rd July 2018 | Comments: 0

Unique underfloor heating system installed in Welsh cottage

Owners of a rural property near Llangollen, North Wales are taking advantage of the heat produced within the cave system their home sits upon. Before the...

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Posted on: 24th May 2018 | Comments: 0

Treehouse mansion holiday home with underfloor heating now available

A multi-level luxury treehouse has been built in Somerset that features underfloor heating. This new building...

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Posted on: 9th May 2018 | Comments: 0

Demand for underfloor heating set to rise by 7%

A recent market forecast report shows that demand for underfloor heating is set to continue to increase, with more UK homeowners opting to heat their properties in this way. The report...

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Posted on: 24th April 2018 | Comments: 0

Houseboat kitted out with innovative underfloor heating

A houseboat designed by Michelle Lanker and her husband Bill Bloxom features many innovations, including a cutting-edge heating system. The houseboat...

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