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Thermal Insulation Board

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Thermal insulation board

Insulation is an essential part of any underfloor heating system. Being a market leader in this area, ProWarm offers a range of thermal insulation boards to suit your needs and budget.

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An effective thermal insulation board is there to maximize the potential of your underfloor heating system, and to help you reduce the cost of running your system.

The three boards we offer all have their unique functions, ensuring that you have the choices available to fulfil your requirements.

If however you require a little help with identifying the thermal insulation board you need, you can call us for some expert advice.

ProWarm™ Tile Backer Boards

These are suitable for mounting onto timber, concrete or screeded floors, and should be used under carpet, tile or vinyl flooring.

The ProWarm Tile Backer Boards come in two sizes – 6mm and 10mm.

ProWarm™ XPS Premium Board

This option is designed with concrete or screeded floors in mind, though it is also used for insulation on our market-leading ProWarm underwood heating system.

The ProWarm XPS Premium Board also comes in 6mm and 10mm sizes.

ProWarm™ XPS standard Board

Our economy board is designed to work in conjunction with our underwood heating system, and provides a cost-effective service when used in this manner. The ProWarm XPS Standard Board provides an effective underlay for your wooden floor area.

The ProWarm XPS Standard Board comes in one size, 6mm, and it should be noted that it can only be used with the ProWarm foil system.

ProWarm™ Fastheat Thermal Primer

For underfloor heating systems and is recommended for use in areas where the increase in floor height associated with thermal backing board is simply not possible, this can not be used as an alternative to XPS Premium or XPS Standard boards for underwood heating.