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Amazing Advancement – Underfloor heating with anti-gravity!

Amazing Advancement – Underfloor heating with anti-gravity!

Scientists from around the world have been amazed by the incredible announcement from NASA this morning of the invention of the anti-gravity floor. Having spent 30 years developing the idea, the anti-gravity system, which is installed under-floor, is finally available to the general public.

The floor, when installed, allows the user to walk as normal, on strong jets of air 5-6 inches above the ground – giving the appearance of hovering above the floor! Incredible!

At ProWarm we’ve taken it one step further and integrated our underfloor heating expertise to create the ProWarm Xtreme Hover Warm Underfloor Heating System. Five to six inches above the ground, this incredible new system allows you to walk around your home on a band of comfy warm air – there’s nothing like it! Contact us to find out more…

PS. Read the following backwards – LOOF LIRPA

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