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Electric or Water Based Underfloor Heating?

So you’re thinking of installing Underfloor Heating? One of the first decisions you need to make is which type of system to go for, electric or water based.

Electric based systems use electricity to heat collections of wires running under your floor. Where as the water based system uses a pipe to pump hot water around the selected room.

There are several important factors when deciding which system to go for. Installation is a huge part of any Underfloor Heating system, the difficulty of installation and initial costs should be considered at this point. The water based system has more disadvantages at this stage as you need a qualified individual to install it and the system themselves are often more expensive too. Whilst someone who has a lot of experience in DIY could install an electric based system themselves, you would still need an electrician to do the final connections to the mains supply and fit your thermostat.

The next thing to consider is the advantages of each system. Water based systems have been around for thousands of years, the tried and tested method! These systems are designed for larger floor areas, using a low temperature spread across the room to save you money on energy bills. An electric system will evenly heat your room and can even be heated using renewable electricity whilst not requiring the additional costs of a boiler that the water based system uses.

There are benefits to both systems and the one you go for usually depends on personal preference and the type of room you’re looking to heat.

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