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Why Use ProWarm Underfloor Heating?

ProWarm will make two very important changes in your home or business. Firstly, it will save you energy, as much as 20%! Secondly, the ProWarm Underfloor Heating System greatly reduces the amount of air movement compared to using radiators and a traditional heating system, this means there is less dust and mites being cycled into the air so your heated room is more hygienic. The clearer air combined with a room, particularly a bathroom, that dries far more quickly will reduce the amount of mould to make the room far healthier overall.

The running costs are another important factor, a well insulated building can have very low running costs. In addition, having a thermostat in each room gives you far more control over which rooms are heating and to what temperature. Only heating the rooms you need will also save you money. Going for an electric system can save you even more money as the lack of moving parts and risk of leaks can save you a lot of additional fees for servicing.

Add to these factors the increased comfort from the system and you’ve got some fantastic reasons to install an Underfloor Heating System!

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