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New Zealand SPCA treats animals to underfloor heating

In a bid to become more self-sufficient, the Southland branch of the SPCA has moved into a brand new energy efficient building.

The building, which cost $1.9m (just under £1m), is kitted out with a number of energy saving products, including underfloor heating and solar energy panels. It is hoped that these measures will massively cut down in the running costs incurred by the charity, which looks after abandoned animals.

The Southland SPCA also plans to open a brand new per crematorium accompanied by a pet cemetery, which it hope will enable it to meet current demand, while allowing it to become even more self-sufficient.

Speaking of the project, Richard Hay, the former chief executive of Southland Chamber of Commerce, who has taken over the role of operations manager for the SPCA, said the organization had always been run a tight budget in the past, never managing to break even. He believes that their move from what was essentially a tin shack into a bright, modern building fitted with a number of self-sufficient appliances would help to change that.

Hay said:

“There is now a clear focus to maximise the full potential of the new facility and a springboard to launch new initiatives and services for the community.”

On top of the many measures it has already undertaken, the Southland SPCA also has plans for an education facility, where it will be able to offer education and training on all matters relating to animal welfare.

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