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5 Simple Ways to Cut Your Heating Bills

5 simple ways to cut your heating bills

When it comes to heating costs many of us could easily save money each year by making some changes. These can either be as drastic as ripping up existing floorwork to have underfloor heating installed or using bubble wrap to insulate windows. Here we have detailed five simple ways to cut your heating bills. 

Alternative heating solutions

Underfloor heating is quickly becoming a more energy efficient way of warming up homes, with most new build properties opting for an underfloor heating system over the traditional radiator and central heating option.

The yearly running costs for an underfloor heating system are estimated to be around £248, compared to £870 for gas central heating. It will require some effort to install but you can do most of the work yourself, following the instructions that come with our Prowarm underfloor heating mats.

Get busy with bubble wrap

The ‘insulate with bubble wrap’ comment we made earlier wasn’t a joke. You can quickly and easily insulate windows by simply cutting a sheet of bubble wrap to size, misting the window with a little water and placing the bubble wrap over the top, sticking it to the glass.

This trick is estimated to cut the amount of heat lost by half therefore reducing your need to leave the heating on for so long. It also won’t affect the amount of light let into the room and can be removed easily and even re used the year after.

Foil your radiators

Bubble wrap and now tin foil can help cut my heating bills? It’s true, both of these can be found lying around the house and both can be used to cut your heating bills. Simply cut out a long length of foil and place behind your radiators, this will ensure the heat is reflected forward instead of upwards and the room reaches temperature quicker.

Block any draughts

Draught excluders, window insulating strips, foam fillers; the choices are endless when it comes to sealing up unwanted gaps that let wind to whistle into your home in the cold months. Less draughts mean a toastier house and lower heating bills in the long run.

Stock up on blankets

Layering isn’t just a fashion thing, layering up in your home can help you cut your heating bills and stay warm at the same time. Simply leave cosy blankets or thick jumpers around the house for people to pick up and use when they’re feeling a little chilly instead of cranking up the thermostat.

These five simple methods can be used to cut your heating bills and while you might not be pocketing hundreds of pounds you will definitely notice a reduction by the time winter is over compared to the year before.

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