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New Secret Seven novels to be penned in luxury shed

An esteemed children’s writer has been revealed as the new writer of the Secret Seven novels, and has kitted out her writing den with underfloor heating ready for the work.

Pamela Butchart has taken her old shed and turned it into a secret hideaway, featuring underfloor heating. Secret Seven fans may recall a similar setup, sans underfloor heating.

Butchart is living out every Enid Blyton fan’s fantasy after being selected to write new adventures of the Secret Seven series, which began close to seven decades earlier.

Like the children in the novels who chat about mysteries in their shed, the writer from Dundee felt it would be appropriate to write from a similar base.

She said:

“It took me until the age of 34, but I finally got a garden shed just like the young detectives.

“Growing up, I always lived in council tenement flats and all I ever wanted was my own garden and Secret Seven shed.

“There were loads of kids in our tenement so we piled in bushes with a picnic instead.”

The shed features all of her Secret Seven novels lined up, and even underfloor heating.

The award-winning scribe has enjoyed a wild ride over the past few years. Since 2014, when her debut book was published, she has penned another 17 books that are now on book shelves.

The result of that success was her being asked to author the two new Secret Seven novels.

Butchart is also 31 weeks’ pregnant, as well as working as a philosophy teacher.

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