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Compact garden pod launched with underfloor heating option

Podmakers is now offering a compact garden room and an underfloor heating option is available.

The unusual egg-shaped pods, made by this UK-based company, are customisable. As a result, they can be used as space for guests, an office, a garden den or a hobby room. These innovative garden rooms are made from birch ply and European oak. They are finished with cedar shingles, so are likely to appeal to consumers looking for sustainable products.

There is a choice of heating options. The pod can be bought with a wood burner or underfloor heating installed. Each pod features a circular skylight, giving users the chance to lay in bed and star gaze.

Buyers also have a say when it comes to where the two curved windows, which are built into each unit, are placed. Potentially, a hobbyist that needs plenty of natural light can ask for one of the windows to be positioned above their work bench or desk.

Where space allows, the pods are craned into place. Each one sits on a half meter high platform. This enables them to be rotated so that they catch the sun and the best views through their curved windows.

The design complies fully with UK planning laws. Therefore, in many cases, actual planning permission will not be required to install one. The firm offers advice regarding this matter to all of its clients.
In the UK, the increasing cost of housing means that a lot of homeowners are opting to stay put and improve the space they have available. Underfloor heating is increasingly popular thanks to its efficiency, and is increasingly used in many rooms throughout UK homes.

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