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Sheltered housing to feature environmentally friendly underfloor heating

A new sheltered housing project on the Isle of Man includes underfloor heating for each residential unit.

Construction of the Mayfield units is due to start in mid-2018 in Queen´s Pier Road, Ramsey. Once finished, the complex will provide 27 one-bedroom units, as well as 10 two-bedroom flats for locals to enjoy. The existing sheltered housing projects have both proved very popular with the people of the Ramsey area, so these units should sell fast.

How much each unit will cost has not yet been announced. However, the high standard of finish and the fact the complex is located close to local amenities are both sure to attract plenty of interest from potential buyers.

UK residents are increasingly waking up to the benefits of features like underfloor heating. For older people, staying warm is especially important, so the inclusion of underfloor heating in the design is a big selling point.

Research shows that this form of heating is extremely efficient. In most homes, power bills can be reduced by 15%. This is according the Housing Fact File 2012 published by the UK government.

The fact that the entire floor is heated means that there are no ´cold spots´, something for which older people will be especially thankful. Conditions like arthritis can be aggravated when the person who suffers from the condition gets too cold.

The fact that this form of heating is more efficient is also good for the environment, which is becoming an increasingly important consideration to house buyers.

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