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Underfloor heating an essential component of new-style boutique accommodation

A Cotswold´s luxury hotel is set to offer zany hideaways and treehouses to its customers.

The innovative renovation and expansion plans are due to cost the owners of The Fish hotel between £4m and £5m.

Some of the new style accommodation will be available from March. The project is scheduled to be complete by July.

From then, the hotel will be able to offer its guests a wide choice of rooms and other accommodation. The historic rooms are all being renovated, but it is the new buildings going up in the grounds that have generated the most attention.

The stables have been converted and several new huts and treehouses are being built. These huts and treehouses are of a high-standard and feature luxuries like underfloor heating throughout. Guests will enjoy being able to warm up fast, after taking a walk or a bath on their deck. Surprisingly, each treehouse has its own open-air two-person tub.

The five-star Hideaway Huts also have electric underfloor heating. This style of heating is ideal for small spaces; it frees up wall space and generates an even heat throughout the space, creating a cosy but not overly stuffy environment.

The fact that it is installed under the floor means that it does not matter what shape the space that needs heating is, whereas with radiators at least some of the walls need to be straight. As a result, underfloor heating is fast becoming the choice of maverick architects and builders who are pushing the envelope.

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