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World´s first bubble hotel takes advantage of underfloor heating

An innovative new Australian hotel is offering guests the chance to stay in luxury air-filled bubble rooms that are equipped with electric underfloor heating.

Guests get all of the comfort of a luxury hotel room with the chance to enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding area. The bubble tents are air-filled structures, so there are no poles to break up the view through the 200-degree plastic bubble tent panels. Two small ante rooms are made from opaque material, so guests have privacy when they want to get changed or use the bathroom.

A compressor, run using solar power and batteries, keeps the tents filled with air, and this is also how the underwater heating system is powered. Combining solar power with underfloor heating makes for an eco-friendly way to heat any space.

This form of heating copes easily with the fact that the insulation in this kind of structure is poor. It is efficient enough to keep up with the fact that a lot of the heat generated is lost quickly through the thin clear plastic walls.

The majority of the hotel´s guests are nature lovers, and they enjoy sleeping on a luxury king-size bed that is situated in the clear plastic bubble section of the tent. The bubble tents are ideal for star-gazers, which is why one of them is equipped with a telescope.

At the moment, the exact location of this unique hotel is only released at the time of booking. But, what is known is that it is located in an area between Lithgow and Mudgee in New South Wales, which is also popular with birdwatchers.

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