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Ancient underfloor heating system to go on display in Greek metro

An ancient mosaic floor uncovered during a Greek construction project is almost completely preserved.

The beautiful floor dates from the 4th or 5th Century, and was uncovered during the construction of the new Thessaloniki Metro, which is due to start operating in 2020. When finished, the four new lines will link together 18 stations located throughout the city.

It was during the excavations for Monastiraki station that the ancient floors were uncovered. These ornate mosaics were found in what is thought to be a residential home. It is clear that the ancient Greeks valued their comfort just as the Romans did. The underfloor heating system has stood the test of time and remained intact, protected by the floor above.

During the first week of March, the Central Archaeological Council (KAS) of Greece made the announcement that the flooring would go on public display. Exactly where and when has not been announced yet. KAS is in discussion with Attiko Metro, the construction firm building the Thessaloniki metro. It is hoped that a place can be found to put the floor on display within the station.

This display is bound to attract a lot of visitors. The mosaics themselves are very beautiful, but many people will be interested to see how the heating system compares to the modern versions. Electric underfloor heating is becoming more popular as people realize how cost-effective and efficient it is. Plus, of course, like the ancient Greeks, people really enjoy the feeling of a warm floor underfoot.

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