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Houseboat kitted out with innovative underfloor heating

A houseboat designed by Michelle Lanker and her husband Bill Bloxom features many innovations, including a cutting-edge heating system.

The houseboat is equipped with a solar array, which generates enough power to provide hot water for the boat´s occupants. It also provides the hot water needed to run the underfloor heating, which is a highly efficient way to heat any space.

Heat levels can also be boosted by the innovative geothermal system that has also been installed. The principle of this heat exchange system is similar to that used in heat pump systems.

One of the designers recently explained how everything is set up and works, saying:

“A titanium plate with an 800-ft [243-m] transfer fluid coil loop is attached to the west side of the deck structure and extends into the water to collect heat from the lake.”

At the 8ft depth to which the plate is sunk, the temperature is fairly constant at around 7.2°C, while the fluid that runs through the system has a minimum temperature of -1°C. This means it can absorb the heat from the lake and carry it up to the houseboat.

This multisystem approach to heating is one that is becoming increasingly popular with those whose aim is to build zero-emission homes.

The owners lost their original houseboat to a huge fire. They were only able to salvage the cedar wood that their original home floated on; these were salvaged, dried out and used inside the new houseboat.

Another eco-friendly feature is the fish planters that are attached to the sides of the boat, beneath the waterline. These create a handy habitat for the fish.

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