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Demand for underfloor heating set to rise by 7%

A recent market forecast report shows that demand for underfloor heating is set to continue to increase, with more UK homeowners opting to heat their properties in this way.

The report was published by AMA Research and covers the period between 2018 and 2022. AMA Research produces 150 off-the-shelf reports, which cover a wide range of sectors within the home improvement and construction industries.

This version of the electric underfloor heating (UFH) market report is the ninth one it has produced. The report has the following to say about the level of demand for this relatively new and innovative way of heating a space:

“The UFH market has performed well over the last few years, driven by good levels of commercial and domestic construction and RMI, and now accounts for almost 7% of the total UK heating systems sector.”

Much of the increase in demand for water underfloor heating is set to come from the private sector. Currently, two-thirds of the systems are installed into homes. Increasingly, house builders and self-builders are opting to use electric underfloor heating mats in the properties that they build.

This is understandable because it is a very efficient way to heat any space. The fact that there are no radiators also appeals. All of the wall space is left free, which gives the homeowner more freedom when it comes to how they arrange their furniture. There is also evidence that more homeowners will take the step of retrofitting their properties with underfloor heating.

Increasing demand is also coming from the public and commercial sectors. The report specifically mentioned the increasing popularity of this form of heating for care homes, health clinics and schools.

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