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Treehouse mansion holiday home with underfloor heating now available

A multi-level luxury treehouse has been built in Somerset that features underfloor heating.

This new building is built around a mature oak tree, and is an unusual design. The main body of the treehouse consists of a capsule that wraps itself around the tree, with the rest of the building being set up on stilts beside it. This is a building style rarely seen in the UK.

It is surrounded by nature, although Cheriton House is visible from one side of the treehouse. Incorporated into the design are two viewing decks.

This luxury accommodation includes a bedroom with a copper bathtub, which blends in with the natural wood walls. The treehouse can accommodate up to four people. There is a double bed and a pullout sofa bed for guests to use.

Modern underfloor heating is also incorporated into the design. This form of heating is very efficient and easy to install in virtually any style of building, especially if it is a new construction. It is also a highly efficient way of heating a space, which is part of the reason it is becoming increasingly popular across the world.

Having heating throughout is an important feature in any holiday accommodation in the UK, because the weather is mixed, but in Somerset, which has a wetter climate than most of the country, it is particularly important to have the option to turn the heating on. Underfloor heating is an excellent choice in a place with a variable climate, because it heats up the whole room very quickly.

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