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Heated Semaphore relay station for sale

An unusual conversion property has just gone up for sale in Hampshire.

It is an ex-semaphore relay station, which was part of a network that relayed information between London and Plymouth, that used visual signals. The station was built in the 1829 by the Admiralty. So, it is a Grade II listed building.

However, this has not stopped the designers from being able to convert it into a modern family home. To achieve this, an extension has been built, which has greatly improved the proportions of the property.

It has several modern features throughout, including a media room and underfloor heating. There is a growing trend for listed building owners to install underfloor heating in their homes and premises.

Installing an ultra-modern heating system in a listed building like this seems counter-intuitive. However, the fact that all the modern looking elements of the heating system are hidden under the floors means that it is in fact a practical way to heat period properties. This style of heating system has no negative impact on the period finish.

In addition, these properties can be prone to damp and mould so they need to be properly heated throughout. The heat produced by an electric underfloor heating system dissipates evenly throughout the cube of the room. There are no cold spots, so there is no place for mould spores to take root and multiply.

Electric underfloor heating systems are also efficient and cost-effective. This is critical in a relatively large property like this one, which has high-ceilings, thus creating a larger overall area that needs to be heated.

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