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Regent’s Park open-air theater gets an extension and underfloor heating

Adding 480 sqm of space to the iconic Regent’s Park outdoor theater in London has bought it up to date and will help to secure its future.

Building the extension has bought all of the theatre’s operations together onto one site, for the first time in its 86-year history. This positive change is going to make both rehearsals and productions far easier to coordinate and manage.

The extension was built amongst the protected trees of Regent’s Park. This presented the architects with some unique challenges. Preserving the trees and ensuring that they could continue to grow as before led to the extension being built from pre-fabricated panels.

That design decision meant that digging deep foundations was not necessary. This greatly reduced the impact the new building would have on the roots of the surrounding trees.

There are several other innovations incorporated into the interior of the building; for example, the inclusion of full-height mirrored curtains that make the best use of the natural light available. Plus, blackout blinds that can be pulled down to block out all light.

Another example is the heated sprung floors. This style of heating ensures that every inch of floor space can be utilized. It is also a very efficient way to heat such a big space.

For a sprung floor, underfloor heating is an excellent solution. It takes skill to marry the two structures together, but once installed, both systems are able to function 100% as designed. In fact, the battens used to hold up the sprung floor create the perfect space in which to install the pipes needed for the heating system.

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