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Unique underfloor heating system installed in Welsh cottage

Owners of a rural property near Llangollen, North Wales are taking advantage of the heat produced within the cave system their home sits upon.

Before the new heating system was installed it was costing £3,000 a year to heat the cottage. The new system should reduce that bill by around £743.

Plus, the level of saving should grow year on year. This is because the cost of electricity, gas, and oil are likely to continue to rise, while the cost of running this innovative heating system remains stable.

The electricity needed to take advantage of the humid air in the cave, which is then pumped through the home’s underfloor heating pipes, is generated by solar panels installed on the roof of the cottage. Currently, the combination of these two free and natural energy sources is more than enough to keep the cottage warm. In fact, there is usually an excess, which is then fed back into the National Grid system.

The cost of installing the system should also be covered in full, because the owners have secured funding in the form of a Renewable Heating Initiative payment. They are due to receive an annual payment of £2,000 from the scheme over the next seven years.

This is just one more example of how underfloor heating can be used to cut the cost of keeping a home warm. It is very efficient and can easily be installed in virtually any style of property. That includes period properties, like this one.

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