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Animal hotel with underfloor heating nominated for three awards

A pet hotel in North Wales is celebrating three nominations for prestigious business awards.

The Pet Joint, which is owned by Steve Belgrau, has only been in operation for a couple of years but it has grown at a far faster rate than Belgrau expected. It now finds itself in with a trio of chances to scoop an honour at the North Wales Young Business Awards (NWYBA).

In an interview with a reporter from the Denbighshire Free Press, he said:

“Our five-year business plan has been blown out of the water. We have been fast-forwarding our business model because growth has been much faster than anticipated.”

The luxury pet hotel caters for dogs, cats and small animals. A huge room is given over to the dogs, in which they can lounge around during the day and sleep at night. They are able to sleep in a house just as they do normally, which is kitted out with leather sofas and has oak floors.

The doggie guests are kept warm thanks to underfloor heating. For those dogs that want to sleep in their own beds, this is ideal because there is no risk of them getting cold. Underfloor heating is very efficient, which keeps the costs down and fits in well with the firm’s green ethos.

The NWYBA takes place on September 29. Regardless of what happens, the business will continue to offer locals luxury accommodation for their pets when they are on holiday. Unusually, this pet hotel also gives Denbighshire visitors the chance to drop their dogs off for a few hours when they want to visit local tourism spots.

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