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Cornish grower to save £12,000 using heat recovery and underfloor heating technology

A heat recovery system is expected to considerably reduce a Cornish farmer’s carbon footprint, as well as save the business money.

DK Heat Recovery, a German firm, supplied E W Button & Son, the owners of a farm near Bodmin, Cornwall with the two heat-recovery machines. They were installed and set up to recover waste heat from the farm’s cold store refrigeration equipment.

The heat generated is used to warm up water, which is then fed into the underfloor heating system installed in the farm’s new accommodation and office block. In addition, some of the hot water will be redirected for use in other areas of the farm, for example, the showers and sinks.

Using the two new heat recovery units and the newly installed underfloor heating, which is extremely efficient, should reduce the farm’s heating and hot water bill to zero. Currently, those bills add up to around £12,000 per year.

This new system will also greatly reduce the business’ carbon footprint. The heat recovery system is capable of producing 960 litres of hot water per hour. If that hot water were to be generated using traditional fuel sources, it would produce 45 tonnes of carbon.

E W Button & Son, which was established in 2008, is currently expanding. It started by producing vegetables and melons, and today grows potatoes, blueberries and cereals. In 2017, the farm upped its production of potatoes and erected several new blueberry tunnels. Potentially, the money saved by using highly efficient underfloor heating will enable the farm to continue to expand.

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