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Commuters set to enjoy new trains with underfloor heating

Greater Anglia has announced that its new high-spec trains will start to be used from the winter of 2019, including a certain perk that will be warmly welcomed at that time of year.

The majority of the trains are being made by Bombardier in its Derby factory. In total, the train operator has ordered 111 new electric trains from this manufacturer. This means that Bombardier will deliver a total of 665 new carriages. A further 58 trains have been ordered from Stadler, which is based in Switzerland. The train operator will start to replace the current rolling stock, which is now 40 years old, late in 2019.

These new carriages are far more luxurious than the current ones are. The Greater Anglia business readiness director, Andrew Goodrum, explained most of the changes to a reporter from Cambridge Independent. He said:

“We’ve done away with the heating grills near people’s feet and the trains will have underfloor heating.”

Underfloor heating quickly heats up any space and does so evenly. As there are no moving parts under the floor, there is very little that can go wrong, and maintenance is kept to a minimum.

During warmer weather, customers will be able to enjoy air-conditioning. Each passenger will also have access to a USB socket, a plug and Wi-Fi. The drop-down tables feature a groove designed to hold a phone or tablet in a semi-upright position. This will enable passengers to watch a video while travelling.

Each carriage will also have large customer information screens. These will display details of which seats are available throughout the train, as well as other information.

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