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Study shows underfloor heating can be cheaper than traditional radiators

Installing underfloor heating in a new build has often been seen as a more expensive option, but a new study demonstrates that this is no longer the case.

The research was carried out by ForceDry, a firm that enables contractors to efficiently dry out concrete slabs. Fairly recently, ForceDry started to hire out temporary site boilers, which underfloor heating contractors could use to test and dry out their installations.

Using this equipment, a liquid screed floor can be dried out in just 28 days instead of the more typical 90 days. Being able to speed up the drying process greatly reduces the overall cost of installing a heated floor.

Ross Verity, who is the managing director of ForceDry, commented on the results of the study. He said:

“Our study shows that the underfloor heating method is only marginally more expensive to install than radiators, but when combined with force drying with the considerable cost benefits of the time saved factored in, the overall costs could actually be less. This means underfloor heating with a flowing screed can be a viable solution for all kinds of housing, including social and affordable.”

Verity also pointed out the fact that liquid screed floors were far more environmentally friendly than a sand and cement floor. The materials used in a gypsum screed come mainly from recycled products, taking the carbon footprint around 70% below that of a more traditional sand and cement floor.

For building contractors, this is an important consideration. Increasingly, home buyers are opting to buy the property with the best green credentials.

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