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Granary gets new lease of life thanks to underfloor heating

An old granary in Stapleford, Cambridgeshire has been transformed into a community centre complete with state-of-the-art underfloor heating system.

In 2009, the ACE Foundation purchased a Victorian Farm in Stapleford. Included in the deal was a 19th-century barn and granary complex. The Cambridge-based charity, which works to encourage and develop cultural understanding, has now transformed these into a community centre.

Initially, only the granary was developed. That space was transformed into a small performance facility, with the capacity to hold 60 people. At around the same time, a multiuse space for lectures, exhibitions and chamber music was also developed. Recording facilities, a seminar room and office space were also incorporated into that phase of the development.

With the assistance of MCW Architects, the second phase of the development has now been completed. The barn has been converted into more offices and a creative space that will mainly be used for fine and applied art.

For this phase of the transformation, passive design concepts were followed. The entire space is ventilated naturally without any need for air-conditioning. All of the lighting is energy-efficient, with glazing and skylights being used to draw as much natural light as possible into the buildings.

The underfloor heating system is an important component of this community centre. This is an energy efficient way to heat these two large buildings and the glazed corridor that connects them.

This type of heating fits in well with passive design principles. In addition, the fact that there are no radiators and that the entire building is heated evenly means there are no restrictions on how the space can be configured and used.

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