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Smart Manchester taps into underfloor heating

The campaign to turn Manchester into a Smart city includes encouraging builders to take advantage of highly-efficient underfloor heating systems.

When it comes to smart technology Manchester is leading the way. In 2017, the city was awarded £10 billion in funding by the government. This was earmarked to be used for smart technology initiatives across the city. At this point, the CityVerve project was born.

The idea is that over the coming few years, the way Mancunians use and interact with new technology will be transformed. This will enable residents to experience their city in a very different way. At the centre of many of the changes is the Internet of Things (IoT).

Networking the city’s vehicles, traffic control system and everyday objects people come into contact with is enabling city officials to gather data that will be used to run the city in a more efficient way. However, the smart project is not just about digital innovations. Far from it, efforts are also being made to make the most of a range of innovative physical products.

A great example of this is the way in which local builders are being encouraged to install solar power and underfloor heating in new homes. Both of these innovations are set to transform the lives of Mancunians.

Using the sun’s energy to provide power to run electric underfloor heating is very beneficial for homeowners. The fact that this form of heating is so efficient and the power used to heat the water is largely free makes it a cost-effective way to keep a home warm.

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