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A look at underfloor heating systems across the world

In recent years, the popularity of underfloor heating has soared. In the UK alone, the value of the market has risen by 25% since 2014.

This has happened largely because consumers have woken up to the fact that this form of heating is extremely efficient. There is also the added benefit that there are no ugly radiators stopping homeowners from arranging their furniture as they want.

This style of heating comes in a range of formats. Below, we tell you about the most popular system configurations, including some that you may have never heard of before.

The Ondol system

In Korea, an ancient form of underfloor heating that is thought to have been developed in 1000 BC is still in use. The ondol system is very like the underfloor heating systems that the ancient Romans used.

There is a space under the floor that runs the entire length of the building. At one end of the building, there is a place to light a traditional fire. The heat and smoke from that fire are drawn along under the floor because at the end there is a chimney.

Modern underfloor heating

Modern underfloor heating uses the same principle. Except water is heated and passed via tubes under the floor.

The way that water is heated varies. In some countries, electric is used, while in other places boilers that run on gas, wood pellets or other fuel sources do the heating.

There is also growing interest in using ground or air heat source pumps. Plus, water that runs around the system can potentially be partially heated by the sun.

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