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How to correctly fit tile backer boards on a wooden subfloor

Thermal tile backer boards provide a layer of insulation that can be fitted beneath your underfloor heating to enhance its efficiency.

Backer boards can be added to a variety of different sub-flooring. Read on for the recommended method for installing on solid wood.

Always reinforce your subfloor before fitting tile backer boards

In older properties, it’s advised that timber subfloors be fortified before backer board installation. The ideal approach is to strengthen your subfloor and fit a plywood layer first.

Firms that create backer boards state setting them on an older solid-timber subfloor directly is unsound. Solid wooden boards respond to humidity changes by swelling and shrinking far more than plywood. The durability of wood can be inconsistent and knots can therefore cause vulnerabilities and this will lead to cracks in your tiling.

Compensating for weaknesses

Using two-inch screws, affix the old boards to joists. Position the screws no greater than three inches apart. Screws are a superior choice to nails and will provide strong resistance to boards cupping or loosening.

With the boards screwed down tight, position half an inch of BC graded plywood on top of the old wood subfloor. Fix this layer with tile adhesive and at six-inch intervals drive in quarter-inch screws with washers. This layer of plywood will bolster the floors stability.

Adding tile backer boards

With the layer of plywood now in position you are ready to fit the backer boards. Depending on the desired floor height you seek, options of quarter-inch and half-inch backer boards are available.

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