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The top benefits of electric underfloor heating

The superior and simple comfort of a heated floor is an affordable feature of many modern homes. Underfloor heating dates back to the ancient Romans who understood the pleasure of warmth underfoot, employing the innovative hypocaust system.

Today’s underfloor heating solutions are more eco-friendly and energy efficient than in Roman times and are either water or electric based. While both types offer similar comfort, electric-based systems can be well suited to particular circumstances.

A perfect partner for renovation

Electric can simplify underfloor heating during a refurbishment. The removal of existing flooring to make way for pipes below is unnecessary. Simply affix electric heating mats and tile on top for a new heated floor.

Rapid reaction time offers excellent heating economy

Unless you keep your heating on permanently, electric can be a suitable choice for an underfloor system. Cables and mats in an electric system are located just beneath the floor which means they can quickly heat the room.

Fast reaction time also makes electric systems well suited for advance timer settings enabling you to heat your home only when needed.

Minimum fuss and low start-up costs

An electric system is relatively easy to fit on both ground and upper floors. Electric underfloor heating can also be an attractive choice where initial cost is concerned. Systems are available for as little as £20 per each square metre covered. While water-based underfloor heating can be more expensive to install, running costs can be lower.

Before choosing underfloor heating for your home, it’s worth considering how you will use your system and where it will be placed to decide if electric is the right option for you.

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