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Three new luxury suites for iconic private train

The Venice Simplon Orient Express (VSOE) has stepped up its level of luxury with three outstanding new “Grand Suites”.

The VSOE is one of the most famous private trains, internationally renowned for its opulent accommodation it is now building on this reputation with a trio of train suites delivering even greater decadence.

Named after three of the cities that the VSOE visits, the luxurious suites are dubbed Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Each of the three will offer guests the benefits of underfloor heating warmth, endless champagne and around the clock personal steward to attend them.

The three new offerings will join the existing suites Istanbul, Venice and Paris which combined were nominated the World’s Best Suite at the 2019 Ahead Awards.

The Grand Suites feature lavish decor in the roaring 1920s style that is so famously associated with the Orient Express. Showers and en-suite bathrooms have been fashioned from marble, cushions feature hand-stitched embroidery and the suites are sumptuously styled with gold, silk and mahogany. Trains and Cruises at Belmond Vice President Gary Franklin stated:

“They are a real tribute to the romance and glamour of Europe and the golden era of rail travel.”

Guests of the luxury train will also be afforded private transfers both to and from the VSOE.

Belmond has announced that the three Grand Suites will be introduced to private passengers of the VSOE from 2020. The price of a single night journey on the extravagant service starts at £6,200.

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