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Sustainable homes on horizon for Great Yarmouth

A green-minded development project is planned for Martham in Great Yarmouth.

The intended site north of Staithe Road will potentially see 47 new homes erected that use sustainable technology. The proposal is presented by Energy Performance Construction (EPC) Buildings, a Cambridge-based development company.

The new energy efficient homes will feature several innovative features using sustainable technology. The 47 houses will feature luxurious underfloor heating powered by a system using a ground source pump and solar panels fitted to the homes, facing south to collect the warmth and light of the sun.

Underfloor heating is an effective energy-saving solution for homes, often saving between 15 and 50% on household heating bills. The thermal mass presented by underfloor heating systems can deliver warmth for a longer duration after its been turned off than traditional systems such as radiators.

The houses will be constructed using environmentally-friendly materials, including green wildflower turf roofing.

The homes that make up the 47 properties will be available in a range of sizes from one and two bedroom houses to some with three and four with 24 percent designated as affordable housing. Ideal for families, the development plans also include a play area for children.

The site for development is surrounded on three sides by residential developments that are part of the Norfolk village of Martham.

The application for this development project was made at the beginning of February. While a decision on the proposal was originally due in May, an EPC Buildings spokesman has stated a formal decision will be made on December 11, 2019.

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