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Cheltenham church to receive £3m renovation

A Victorian church located in Cheltenham is preparing for a refit worth £3m, allowing it to be utilised by more of the community.

The St. Philip and St. James Church based in Leckhampton, that opened back in 1882, is seeing major remodelling. All of the church pews currently present will be removed in the first phase, followed by the installation of stylish glass-facade meeting rooms crafted over office space inside special pods.

In order to be as energy efficient as possible, the renovation plans include cost-saving underfloor heating for the property.

The refit scheme has been joint funded by a fundraising campaign, along with the sale of a property next to the church. According to Reverend Nick Davies, team rector, prior to finalising the designs the church worked closely with both residents and conservation groups from the community. He says the result is a building that many more people will be able to use every day, without compromising on its beauty.

The traditional pews will be replaced with a flexible form of seating, allowing the church to create different sized spaces as and when needed. Future plans for the church include using it for arts events, concerts, community fairs, children’s clubs, and wedding receptions, along with regular church services.

The renovation plans also comprise a car park to cope with new usage and a landscaped piazza. The refit is expected to be complete within one year. While work is undertaken, services will take place at Cheltenham College’s chapel.

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