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Celebrated author’s childhood home enters market at £1.85m

The home where renowned novelist L.P. Hartley spent most of his childhood years is now on the market for £1.85m. Hartley wrote his very first story beneath the eaves of the lavish Peterborough property.

Author of the well-received book “The Go-Between, Hartley was schooled from this impressive house in Queens Walk, dubbed “Fletton Tower”. While he was born further east in Whittlesey, the writer grew up in the listed building.

The luxurious property sports seven bedrooms and a 3.5 acres garden complete with large greenhouses and an expansive vegetable patch. Outbuildings included in the premises comprise a three-car garage, an outdoor workshop and a stable block with two storeys.

The tower was originally constructed between the years 1841 and 1847, however many renovations have taken place over recent years. The venerable building has been re-plumbed, and its electrics have been rewired, while the roof has also been replaced. For additional comfort and cost effectiveness, underfloor heating has been fitted throughout the property.

Fletton Tower possesses many standout features like the painstakingly restored painted ceiling, windows of stained glass, and a staircase with a cantilever design. The dining room of the listed building still retains its original fireplace, a servant’s hatch and glazed skylights set into vaulted ceilings. Other rooms indicative of the Victorian era from which it hails include a snug room and a walk-in pantry.

A playroom for children is featured, as well as a snooker room for games and a separate drawing room. A spacious basement and wine cellar can be found below.

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