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Former London scrapyard transformed into sustainable homes

Architects have entirely renovated a London lot that was once a scrapyard, transforming the long disused site into a row of homes with energy-saving capabilities.

The newly established residences were designed by Unit One Architects and meet the Level 4 Code required for sustainable status. Perfectly situated behind an impressive selection of Victorian terraced houses, the new homes are based at Cozens Place in Harringay, London.

From energy-saving insulation and drainage capable of managing rainwater sustainably, to solar panels, the new properties are backed with green-minded features. Underfloor heating installations have been in-built offering the properties low running costs and optimum energy efficiency.

The Cozens Place homes consist of three individual two-bedroom residences. All have been thoughtfully developed with well-landscaped garden at both front and rear, along with tiled patios. While outside they are afforded off-street parking, on the inside the properties offer open floor living spaces across split levels.

The solar panels are cleverly concealed beneath an angled roof pitch stationed on the second home in the row, accessible easily by the fitted skylight. Constructed on an east-to-west axis, the residences can make the most of natural light, making living areas feel more spacious from dawn until dusk. The homes have been designed to negate a cut through occurring for increased security.

Despite their state-of-the-art features, great care has been taken to ensure the new buildings are a perfect fit for their address. The bricks chosen for the facades are a perfect match for the stately Victorian buildings set behind Cozens Place.

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