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Huddersfield guesthouse offers eco-friendly accommodation

One of the West Yorkshire town’s most opulent options for a holiday, a Huddersfield guesthouse is also one the most environmentally conscious in the area.

Offering five-star luxury, the guesthouse named Tyas Cottage nestles near Slaithwaite, presenting guests with idyllic countryside vistas. Inside the rooms, guests are treated to stately interiors crafted by John and Victoria Berryman, who transformed the former barn into the luxury holiday home it is today.

Despite its lavish appearance almost everything within Tyas Cottage has either been recycled or reused. Packed with eco-friendly features the guesthouse delivers guests with the opportunity for a comfortable but green-minded option for a getaway. The four-poster bed, the spiral staircase and even the linen are all recycled backed up with modern electrical wiring and double glazing.

Incredibly energy efficient to run, the cottage uses cost-conscious underfloor heating and walls with triple insulation to maximise heat generated. The cottage is heated from a main supply stored at the Berryman’s own home next door. Instead of an electric or gas boiler the couple utilise one that burns sustainable pellets of wood. The electricity for the holiday home is divided between a turbine with photovoltaic panels and Octopus Energy, a sustainable supplier.

While the Berrymans are eco-conscious cost of running the cottage was also a factor. John, who previously operated a company in the suburb of Fartown selling in eco-fuels, commented:

“You can live ecologically without much expense. There are costs but you get them back.”

Since opening, Tyas Cottage has reaped many prestigious awards for the Berrymans, including a silver award for Green Tourism and a five-star rating from VisitEngland, formerly the English Tourism Council.

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