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Don’t sweep heating benefits under the carpet!

For anyone who has looked at the pros and cons of installing underfloor heating in their home, there’s often a follow-up point that can influence the final decision. In addition to weighing up the benefits, many people will want to know whether the heating system will work as efficiently if carpets are fitted in those same rooms.

It’s a reasonable question given the way underfloor heating works – the warmth rises from below the ground to raise the overall temperature. The time to seek answers about the heat being blocked is before paying for an installer to carry out the work.

The reality is that it does make a difference, but a little bit of preparation will ensure that the home still benefits from all of the advantages underfloor heating can bring.

The professional who will do the installation work will carry out a calculation. This will ensure that the heat being generated by the underfloor system can still work to maximum effect. That will depend on the TOG ration of the carpet and the underlay.

It may affect the price of the work, so anyone shopping around for quotes needs to make sure they are comparing like with like.

Although it’s not very common for it to be a problem, in a few cases, thick carpeting may restrict the effect of underfloor heating. However, in the vast majority of cases, all of the same advantages apply – underfloor heating is still a great solution for anyone seeking comfort and efficiency.

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