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Pool house heating makes a splash

Away from his busy television schedule in which he maps out careers for future stars, talent spotter Simon Cowell is busy planning improvements to his Wimbledon mansion.

According to showbiz magazines, he was recently granted permission by his local council and is now ready to kick off the work that will add an attractive new feature to his home. Of course, it will also tick all the boxes for high-level luxury.

The plan is that the property he shares with girlfriend Lauren Silverman and their son Eric will get a makeover. It will include a 15 metre outdoor swimming pool, which will come with a pool house, a bar and security features.

Not surprisingly, he is adding in various extras to make sure that the family will enjoy the best of home comforts as they dry off after a splash in the pool. That means there will be air conditioning and underfloor heating.

However, while the music guru will be spending a substantial amount of cash on ensuring that the addition to his home is top-of-the-range, underfloor heating is not exclusive to the mega rich. Increasingly, it is a feature in homes of all sizes and ages, so is therefore common in newbuild properties and older houses that are being updated.

With the likelihood that an efficient underfloor heating system will help to cut down on energy bills and recoup installation costs, it’s not only swimming pool owners who can benefit from splashing out a little.

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