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Underfloor heating plays starring role in TV makeover

Fans of home improvement shows will know that underfloor heating is increasingly popular as part of a house makeover, but while it looks good and can save money, there are also other benefits. These were shown in a recent episode of the BBC programme ‘Your Home Made Perfect’, which featured a couple of from Halifax, West Yorkshire.

The programme told the story of Jeremy and Paula, who bought their house 12 years ago but had not got round to upgrading the conservatory. The couple was unable to much use of the room because it had been largely inaccessible for Paula, who is a wheelchair user. Adding to their woes was that the room was poorly insulated, making it hot in summer and uncomfortably cold in winter.

The premise of the programme is that two leading architects, Laura Jane Clark and Robert Jamison, produce plans and allow the homeowners to choose which one they prefer.

After seeing a projection of the finished job using virtual reality goggles, the couple plumped for Laura’s offering, which included overhauling the structure of the conservatory and underpinning it to correct a problem with the foundations.

A stunning project produced a room that was practical and accessible for Paula, with the floor levelled up to allow access to other parts of the house, as well as making it easy to enjoy the outdoor space.

The added benefit for the couple is an interrupted view of their beautiful garden, and with underfloor heating now installed, they can enjoy their new room all-year round.

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