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Why underfloor heating works

It’s quite a big decision to fit underfloor heating. Before opting to install it in place of more traditional options, it’s worth considering how it works and whether it’s the best option for your home.

The main attractions are the efficiency in terms of heating a room, and the cost benefits this brings. A big factor is the sleek appearance underfloor heating offers. It can remove the need for radiators, giving the obvious advantage of more space in which to be creative when it comes to layout and design.

There can also be a safety aspect – there is no risk of young children or more infirm elderly people inadvertently touching hot radiators and suffering burns.

However, the main attraction is efficiency. School science lessons taught us that heat rises, so it makes sense to have a system that makes the most of that process. The height of a standard radiator means the warmth is typically generated around 1800mm from the ground and it then rises towards the ceiling before moving downwards to fill the room.

By contrast, heat generated by an underfloor installation starts its journey at ground level and rises, warming the room as it goes then cooling as it reaches the ceiling. This is a much more efficient use of energy, so it will cost less to achieve the same room temperature.

There’s also the added luxury of having the warmth beneath your feet, and that’s such a fabulous feeling, it’s hard to put a price on it.

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