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Why use mats for underfloor heating installation?

There are various options for installing underfloor heating. Of the choices available, mats are the simplest option. They are thin yet hardwearing and require no maintenance. Among their other attractions are the fact that they are easy to install.

Mats fit under virtually all types of flooring and come in a range of wattages and sizes, so they are suitable for most spaces. They also have backer boards, which perform the same task as an underlay would for a carpet.

They are, however, not ideal if the room is particularly small or is an unusual shape. In these cases, the ideal solution will be loose cables, which are more flexible and therefore better suited for non-traditional spaces. That flexibility includes their size – they generally come in lengths ranging from 35 metres to 160 metres. It also makes the job easier when it comes to laying the cables out in a way that ensures the heat is distributed evenly, regardless of how awkward the space may be.

Once fitted, there are several ways to ensure efficient use of the heating to maximise comfort and avoid high energy bills.

Thermostats can help to programme the heat output by using a timer to adjust the temperature. There are some nifty tools that make this easy, including a touchscreen control or Wi-Fi set-ups that make it possible to operate the underfloor heating on a mobile phone or other smart device while you’re out and about, guaranteeing a cosy welcome when you get home.

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