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A look at the post-pandemic office

The financial benefits of underfloor heating are well known. It’s good for the appearance of a room and the running costs are generally lower than those on traditional systems. Now, a developer has added another reason why it can be beneficial – the health of staff.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to think carefully about behaviours that can improve personal safety in the workplace. An example can be seen in Glasgow’s largest office block, which will have several features aimed at helping to improve working conditions.

The building has been designed to minimise the need to make contact with any surfaces. Workers will be able to enter the building via a turnstile then take a lift to another floor without having to touch anything.

Facilities such as toilets have also been styled with safety in mind. Soap, water, hand dryers and toilet flushes will work with sensors to avoid the need to touch them, and refills will be ordered automatically when supplies run low.

When it comes to the ventilation system, the very latest tools are being deployed. That includes the use of underfloor heating rather than air-based systems, a measure that means the atmosphere will be fresh at all times, with no air being recirculated.

The pandemic has forced a rethink of how we all live our lives and its impact will be felt for a long time. As the Glasgow development shows, however, the current situation also presents a chance to improve the way we work.

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