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Enhance your ambitions with underfloor heating

From ex-Top Gear presenter James May’s multi-car garage to model Kelly Brooks’ labour of love refurb of a 15th century farmhouse, UK celebrities are well-known for adding underfloor heating to their passion projects. In the following passages, we’ll explore how homeowners across the country can achieve some goals of their own in comfort and style with this innovative option for warming living spaces.

Working out with a little luxury

When you’re trying to get in shape, any incentive is invaluable. If you’ve set up a home gym, you’ll discover having warmth beneath your feet has many advantages. Not only will it make floor exercises far more enjoyable, but underfloor heating also takes up less room than radiator systems, making more space for equipment like cross trainers and exercise bikes.

Warm your glass house

Whether your green-fingered goal involves growing poinsettias and petunias or caladiums and chrysanthemums, you’ll find underfloor heating ideal for greenhouses and conservatories. Unlike regular heaters that can be too harsh for many flowering plants, the radiant heat supplied by an underfloor heating system is far more suitable, ensuring your prize-winning blooms stay in top condition.

Heating up your home office

Finally, the recent crisis has seen many people take steps to form their own start-up businesses, but working at home isn’t always easy. Outdoor offices can be ideal but need effective heating if you’re going to put in long hours to build your business. Fortunately, underfloor systems can easily be fitted in outbuildings to ensure you’re always comfortable.

Ideal for rooms of all kinds, underfloor heating is a versatile, energy efficient solution that makes a great addition to any home.

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