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Secret spy base now boasts luxury country home

While today, the location of Rowley Ridge boasts advanced underfloor heating and its own state-of-the art cinema, it was once home to a different type of technology. Based in the outer London village of Arkley, the site once served as a base for MI6 operatives during WW2 and was equipped with listening devices and wireless transmitters engineered to eavesdrop German signals.

No expense has been spared on the property to ensure the 11,000-square foot country home suits the needs of modern living and is ready for sale. Along with the luxurious system for warmth underfoot and a dedicated media room, it also offers future residents their own private spa, swimming pool, gym and games room.

The rural village played a key role under the command of Britain’s Radio Security Service, tracking transmissions sent from German submarines and the wireless communications of enemy infiltrators. Arkley was selected as a listening post because its lofty location made it ideal for clearly capturing radio signals.

While the original Edwardian homes used by MI6 were demolished following WW2 for national security reasons, new country homes like Rowley Ridge have since been constructed in their place to exacting standards by luxury developers.

As well as providing rooms for homeworking and entertainment, the underfloor heated country house also provides spacious gardens, a massive 70-foot-wide reception area, galleried landings and an atrium with an oval cupola crafted from glass. From its master bedroom complete with a balcony to its marble and oak materials, every inch of Rowley Ridge has been finished to perfection.

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