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Tesla’s Cybertruck accessorised with underfloor heating

Renowned for providing an innovative option for homeowners to increase the value of their properties while also reducing energy bills and adding luxury comfort, underfloor heating has many advantages. Now, designers at CyberLandr have found a way to work it into a new accessory for Tesla’s state-of-the-art pick-up, dubbed the Cybertruck.

Like underfloor heating, Tesla’s creations are designed to reduce the use of fossil fuels, and the Cybertruck is no exception, running entirely on electric battery packs that can be recharged at home or at dedicated charging stations on the road.

CyberLandr has created a new camper module designed to interact with the cutting-edge pickup. Completely towable, the module is comprised of four telescoping sections that form an independent living area. The main room contains a living room, office, bedroom and kitchen, complete with a voice-activated water tap, two induction hobs and a porcelain worktop.

Seats in the module fold down flat to become a queen-sized bed, and they can also be used outdoors. Additionally, a dedicated bathroom section has a self-cleaning toilet and its own underfloor heating system.

Power-wise, the innovative and compact caravan ultimately depends on the Cybertruck for its electrical power, but it also boasts an expandable array of solar panels to collect up to 500 watts of solar power, so it never drains the charge. In travel mode, the solar panels conveniently stack atop each other, with the topmost extending over the module’s entrance while in camping mode to provide the cover of a small canopy.

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