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Three types of accommodation suited to underfloor heating

Underfloor heating systems offer homeowners a wide range of advantages. In the following sections, we’ll look at some property types that make ideal candidates for an underfloor heating installation as opposed to the more conventional options for UK housing.

Affordable housing

Most property developments are under pressure to ensure a portion of the housing they provide is affordable and suited to people on lower incomes. While every homeowner will enjoy lower energy bills, those living in affordable housing are more likely to notice the value. This makes underfloor heating highly suitable for such homes, as it offers exceptional energy efficiency, shaving fuel costs over time.

Smaller residences

Less spacious properties can enjoy more room with underfloor systems fitted as opposed to radiators. With installations tucked away out of sight, homeowners won’t have to fit their furnishings around bulky radiators, therefore allowing them more room.

Eco-friendly properties

It’s well documented that underfloor heating works effectively with greener energy options, such as ground and air source heat pumps. Low flow systems suit underfloor heating, which requires less energy to achieve comfortable temperatures. This has made underfloor heating a favoured choice for environmentally friendly housing.

Family homes

Finally, housing designed for families is also a perfect pairing with underfloor heating. Not only can growing families enjoy the benefits of additional space and energy saving, but underfloor heating is also safer than radiators for small children, with no sharp edges or hot surfaces to cause harm.

Renowned for the premium comfort levels it provides while adding value to homes, underfloor heating makes a great feature for any property.

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