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Underfloor heating explored in new documentary

A new online documentary is delving into innovations developed by the Romans and the unique skillsets they brought to the UK that are now popular trades in high demand. The mini documentary will investigate underfloor hearing installation, which today adds premium warmth to homes while increasing their value, along with essential trades like plastering and painting.

The show is led by Sir Tony Robinson, an actor famed for his unquenchable love of history. Well-known as the character Baldrick in the BBC hit programme Blackadder, the 74-year-old also hosted Time Team, where experts worked to a deadline to uncover as much historic and archaeological data about a particular location.

According to The List, Robinson commented:

“I love using my passion for history to shine a light on little-known facts – with three quarters of us unaware that the Romans used many of the building techniques we take for granted now.”

Robinson added that he found it fascinating highlighting the innovations that are still popular with UK tradespeople and homeowners multiple centuries on. The show will be dedicated to these inventions and their impact, explaining how important they were in creating modern-day trades.

The actor credits his parents with the love of history he has enjoyed since he was a boy, and growing up in a war-torn London recovering from World War II.

With government aims focused on achieving lower emissions levels in UK homes, underfloor heating is proving a popular choice for many UK properties, while wall plastering, and painting are among the most sought-after services searched for online today.

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