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Charity launches underfloor heating training course

Government goals to reach net-zero and a rise in public awareness regarding environmental issues is increasing demand from UK homeowners to install underfloor heating systems within their properties.

Providing long-term energy savings and offering premium levels of comfort, underfloor heating installations have always been a select and sought-after solution to heat homes. Along with requiring less energy to achieve optimum temperatures, underfloor heating also works effectively with low-carbon technology, such as ground and air source heat pumps.

To help answer the UK’s need for innovative options like underfloor heating, JTL, a leading non-profit training provider, is offering a new course free of charge to help electricians across the country get up to speed. Entitled ‘An introduction to central heating’, the easy-to-digest course can be conveniently completed online.

Electricians can gain a new understanding of both electric and plumbed, water-based underfloor heating systems and how they’re installed. They’ll also learn how underfloor heating works effectively with smart thermostats, which offer homeowners greater control over their energy use and fuel bills.

JTL’s Innovation and Learning Director, Liam Sammon, commented to Voltimum:

“As a charity, we are always looking at ways we can support the changing needs of electricians, so we are really excited to launch our latest free bite-size course on central and underfloor heating.”

The course takes 30 minutes to complete and also involves practical examples of both boiler wiring and controls. It has been devised to give electrical contractors the necessary tools and knowledge to advise customers and fit the latest equipment.

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