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Dorset development plans underfloor heated homes

A planning application to construct new properties with eco-friendly features, including underfloor heating, is currently under the consideration of Dorset Council.

Providing that local planners consent to the scheme, the three new homes will be built on Chickerell Road in Weymouth, along with 12 dedicated parking spaces. The properties planned are all detached homes with two-storeys that offer a minimum of four bedrooms, and more in some cases.

The desired site for the new property development is a 0.33-hectare plot of land. A design report for the newly unveiled scheme outlined that if granted a green light, the new properties will take up approximately two thirds of the site to the south and east of an existing house. The land is based on the southern side of a road overlooking the Heritage Coast.

The submitted application detailed an extensive range of sustainable elements considered for the scheme. Homes will feature high-quality insulation and will use underfloor heating systems powered by air source heat pumps to reduce their emissions, while garages will be futureproofed with electric charge points for households who use vehicles running on electric battery packs.

Additionally, the materials used to construct the three new houses will all be sourced locally from suppliers in the area to reduce the scheme’s carbon footprint where transportation is concerned.

To make sure the houses do not harm the area’s current aesthetic, all properties have been designed with muted colour schemes and natural materials, and they have a height restriction of 6.8 metres in place.

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