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Is it wise to install underfloor heating in summer?

Underfloor heating offers efficient, long-lasting warmth, which has led to it becoming a popular choice for many households across the UK. Having the ability to easily control the comfort and temperature levels of rooms via with a simple or smart thermostat enables homeowners to heat their properties with greater accuracy, ultimately reducing energy bills.

If you’re considering an installation, you might be waiting until winter to begin, but there are advantages to a putting underfloor heating in place during the warmer months of the year.

Total control

You might be worried that a summer installation will result in unwanted running costs, but due to the way underfloor heating works, this won’t be an issue. Underfloor systems can operate autonomously, only kicking in when they’re required, so when the sun is out in summer, your system will remain dormant. Additionally, if you use a thermostat system, you’ll always have total control of how and where your heating is being used.

Preparation for winter

The key reason to fit a system over the summer is to ensure you’re prepared for the winter months. Even professional installations will take some time to complete and can involve screed being poured, pipes being fitted and plumbers and electricians visiting you home. It’s always more convenient and a wise idea to make sure that all work is completed well ahead of the colder months, so when winter arrives, you know your system is operating effectively.

With no work to be undertaken when it gets cold, you can simply start enjoying the enviable comfort of your new underfloor heating system.

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