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What economic benefits come from installing underfloor heating?

From mortgage-paying homeowners to landlords renting out rooms, an underfloor heating system can offer economic advantages. In the next sections, we’ll explore the cost of different systems and some of the key financial benefits this innovative approach to heating can enjoy.

Installation costs

Electric systems may be costlier to run because of present tariffs, but they are often less expensive to install than their plumbed counterparts. While underfloor heating that uses water can cost more to install, in the long term, this money spent can be compensated for with lower operating costs than electrical systems.

Advantages of thermostats

Underfloor heating can be cheaper to run than conventional heating equipment like radiators, as it needs less energy to heat living spaces to a comfortable temperature. When used with thermostats, underfloor systems can increase savings further, as homeowners can ensure heat is only on in the rooms being used.

Landlords who rent flats with energy costs included can also benefit from thermostats, regulating the amount of heating being used by those letting, ensuring they can’t run up weighty utility bills.


Property experts state that a luxury element can be a key factor in driving up the price that people are willing to pay for a living space. An opulent underfloor heating system falls into this category, ensuring the money you invest in a cutting-edge installation will be well worthwhile.

Whether you sell your home or rent it out, the money you spend on an underfloor heating system will likely return to you in time.

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